Photo:  Aurelien Guichard  |  Headshots:  Jargapix Photography

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New to New York City and Feeling Intimidated?


It is my goal to help you feel safe and excited to travel around the city, rather than feeling intimidated and overwhelmed.  During our time together, I will educate you on the layout of Manhattan, the many different Subway lines and how to get from Point A to Point B as safely and efficiently as possible. 


Navigating the city's grid system and riding the Subway should be fun and part of the New York City experience so, allow me take all of your worries away! 


Before you know it you'll feel ready to conquer the city all on your own.


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We will meet at your location of choice

Brief overview of New York City grid system

Travel on foot to a nearby attraction

Take in some interesting facts

Learn to Ride the Subway!

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